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what is this page about?

Visa Hub is a tool and database for AIESECers which gathers information about visa procedures and enables to generate documents to support visa process of our Exchange Participants. 

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#5 Visa and work permit

As Host Entity (IGV or IGT side) we are obliged to provide an Invitation Letter and supporting documents in the case that a VISA is needed for the Exchange Participant (EP) to legally enter and stay in the country/territory and perform the activities stated in the Opportunity.

Invitation letter needs to be issued and delivered to EP maximum 14 days after he or she is approved.

Document needs to be signed by Local Committee Vice-President of Incoming Global Volunteer or Local Committee President and be stamped with LC stamp.


EP profile

Of course we can not guarantee that EP will accomplish visa process successfully. Final decision depends on embassy which has access to more personal information about EP.

What we can and should do to increase chances of our EP getting visa are:

  • deliver on time all documents needed without mistakes

  • make sure time between approval and realization is long enough

  • accept EPs with specific profile 

Specific skills or background* might increase chances of EP getting visa, but still won't guarantee successful process.

*e.g. EP studies teaching -educational projects, health project  -student of medicine, project related to teaching Spanish -EP is native or has certicate 

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Visa process

Your EP can always find specific information on website of Embassy or Consulate of Republic of Poland in her or his country.


Usually first step is setting meeting at the embassy. Some countries offer possibility to book an appointment through


EP should apply for short-term Schengen visa
type C which enables stay on territory of Poland and European Union up to 90 days.


To carry successful visa process on time we need to keep in mind that very often it takes up to 1 month and a half.


documents for visa type C

Applicant for Schengen visa type C should prepare following documents:

  • Passport (or other travel document), which:

    • is valid at least 3 months after planned date of leaving Schengen territory

    • contains at least 2 free pages

    • was issued in past 10 years and it did not expire

  • filled and signed visa application form

  • photography

  • confirmation of visa fee payment

  • travelling insurance for at least 30 000 euros, valid in Schengen territory covering all possible costs which might occur during stay in EU (medical reasons, related to travel back, death etc.)

  • Additional documents:

    • confirmation of travel purpose (e.g. AIESEC invitation letter)

    • official document which confirms having funds to cover costs of planned stay (e.g. official bank account statement, some countries may demend specific amount of funds per day of planned stay)

    • document involving accomodation confirmation (of having funds to cover accomodation)

    • document which allows to asses visa pplicant will certainly leave Schengen zone before visa expiry date


Documents might vary depending on country from which EP is applying. Remember that EP usually should apply through embassy 

Visa Hub created by:

Piotr Romanowski

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