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virtual experience.


to the virtual experience management hub.

check the video for the latest timeline updates from our MCP!
make sure you follow the lates news from MC to keep yourself in the loop.
welcome to the virtual

operations management.

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stay #CustomerOriented
What does it mean?
For us it’s about balancing both sides and making sure customers are satisfied with our service. In long perspective it’s also about enabling both – youth and partners to live experience with us.
You will find here timelines, special booklet explaining Customer Management in this period, ECB page link and "aneks" to the iGV agreement.
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in iGT
generally, the process of reallocation is the same as in GV, but as for this product, we have more specific cases and different duration of the experiences, and companies requirements.
  • Realizations the earliest 1st of September

  • Attraction starts the earliest in half of May

  • current Realizations if they are working remotely from their countries need to be broken

  • Partners interested in having opportunities with us need to be aware of the timeline and that if we process now, it will take time

You will find here timelines, special onepager explaining Customer Management in this period and ECB page link.
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in oGV
the most important part is explained in details in ecb hub page. Make sure you will follow all of the guidelines there. Remember about:
  • proposing vouchers for EPs that were about to be realized
  • that we have customer support landing page with form on it, so EPs can fill it and we will follow it up:
You will find here timeline and ECB page link.
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in oGT/oGE
generally, the process of reallocation is the same as in GV, but as for this product, we have more specific cases and different duration of the experiences, and companies requirements.
  • In our case, opportunities don’t open with that much anticipation, so if we start attraction in June we must probably promote opportunities open for August, September and so on.

  • Realization date will be modified by iGT depending on the future months status, right now we can’t have a specific date.

You will find here timeline and ecb hub page link.
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virtual team standards & touchpoints.

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Here you can find booklet with explanation on how to deliver Team Standards for every phase, with proposals of GLE and tools.
What can you use to deliver them?
  • google calendar, other online calendar
  • videocall on zoom, skype, meet
  • google drive, onedrive for storing data
  • zoom, loom, obs for screen recording.
Let's rock TS!
Here you can check proposals on how to perform virtual touchpoints and routines. You will find here:
local committee meeting
synergy meeting
conferences & summits
educational week
team & lc bonding
one to one meeting
national educational cycle
team meeting 
department meeting
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Refresh your mind after SprinCo with those 3 sessions!
virtual ts and t

updated job descriptions.

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Here you can find all of most up-to-date job descriptions. Make sure you go through them carefully and implement in you Local Committees.

people management guidelines.

situations examples:

  1. Situation evolving fast, people not sure of what to do?
  2. No lessons? More time!
  3. People going home or staying in their houses?
  4. Any possible individual issue of members?

what to do:

  1. We need to provide clarity of Tasks for members
  2. Let’s focus on Local Education Cycle!
  3. Virtual LC routine. Virtual Team/LC touchpoints.
  4. Standard Procedures to follow created in advance!

clear tasks.


  1. Continue processing who is in the funnel
    (SUs & EPs, but also stakeholders) - we don’t do attraction activities for now, so we need to optimize the efforts with who we already have!
  2. Attend educational touchpoints - in the next section I will explain to you how to create a plan for virtual education with your EB.
  3. Prepare for when we will get back to attraction  - so that when we do it, we do it in style! (doing market research, creating materials for attraction and consideration,  collecting informations, making analyses researching on how to improve our selling skills or content creation) what applies to the team.
  4. Taking Youth Speak Survey & NEC tests

for team leaders:

  1. Make them support you on the people management!
    You need them to be aligned with you at all times, so you pass one sole message with members and everything works smoothly.
  2. Promoting IXP in their teams - they need to consider IXP for themselves but as well promoting it with their teams!
  3. R&R - to make sure engagement stays high, make your TLs have little R&Rs inside their teams. It will drive the tasks accomplishment even in case they are virtual.
  4. Keeping routine without exceptions! Team Meetings, Working Hour and O2Os continue even if virtually.


national education cycle.

  1. TESTS - everyone still needs to take them
  2. Make members check more closely the different parts of the NEC - they can now explore the Leadership Qualities section, it will be useful for them!

local education cycle.

As people have more time and we are working not to open the funnel but to process what we have, we can capitalize on this time to upscale the education of our people.
  1. Create a Calendar of educational touchpoints - tool for planning:
  2. Touchpoints can be: webinars, interactive video calls, meetings
  3. TIPS: to make calls more interactive - prepare different meeting links so that people can practice in smaller groups in certain parts of the call.
    Include your Team Leaders in their preparation!

standard procedures.

members not replying

anyone panicking

member wants to skip

  1. Message from TL
  2. Call from TL
  3. Message about how we are setting up some measures for virtual work and there are amazing things coming up
  1. Explain that risks are very low and everything is about prevention in this moment
  2. Listen and empathpze with them, calm them down and focus on the amazing things that are coming up in the LC (an amazing virtual LCm, lots of knowledge to gain,...)
  3. Have a list of official sources of information on the situation
  1. TL explains situation is momentary and what are the actions being taken

  2. Make him explain how there are different ways to develop in @ and this is the opportunity to get a lot of knowledge to apply in the future

  3. If TL is not enough, it’s mandatory to exit to have a call with VP TM


wellcare advices.

Are you or your people struggling a bit with what is happening around? Check out this booklet, maybe it will help you to go through the hard times.
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good case practices & resources.

Here you can find GCPs folder as well as pro-tips from other entities and interesting resources. Enjoy!
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