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In-vic-tus, In-vic-tus, there is no way we can lose!

In-vic-tus, In-vic-tus, there is no way we can lose!” - but for this we need to skill up even more. That’s why I would like to welcome you to the iGV National Education Cycle page. Prepare to become the best person for iGV and to make changes happen. Read carefully and enjoy the journey through the theoretic part of iGV!



Olcia MCVP iGV


Being Team Member in iGV

Note: in the Leadership Academy you will find sessions about Virtual Management, How to Host the Meeting, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Crisis Management, Negotiation, Time Management, Tracking, Self Management and Delegation, which are quite crucial for your role as LCVP iGV, so please check them out as a part of this NEC.


IGV Knowledge


You made it till the end! Now make sure to access your knowledge through the questionnaire and also check your practical understanding through the case study. Good luck!
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