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Summer is a very chaotic time, EPs are coming and going, teams are usually not physically together, universities are closed... 

But it's also the perfect moment to develop leadership! 

So let's look at a few tips to make sure you go through it smoothly 💪🚀


Let's start from the beginning, our teams are currently in the performing phase

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Performing includes three main elements: results elevation, performance tracking and support system


We use the different Global Learning Environments to implement them, so during Summer we need to adapt to virtual ways

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Results Elevation

Practical learning for virtual teams: manage contact with EPs, virtual attraction in general for opens in iCX and sign ups in oGX.

Make sure to adapt the activities to member's schedules and availability.

Working times for virtual teams: use Hangouts/ Skype or other video call platform to have your working times 📱 You can define the frequency based on the member's availability and things that need to be delivered.

Incentive system for virtual teams: have a slide in the presentation of your virtual meetings to appreciate achievements, showcase in local channels (Instagram and Workplace groups) the local R&R system and tag your members!💻

Performance Tracking

🎯Accountability system for virtual teams: have a slide in the presentation of your weekly virtual meetings to check progress of goals and deliverables. Keep your tools updated and here's an idea: you can also have check in and out from the week in your group chat 🗣📱

🗣Individual tracking meetings for virtual teams: during your monthly one to one have a space to check individual performance! You can also have a short phone call if you need to know specific things

🤜🤛Review meetings for virtual teams: simply during your weekly meetings, make sure to revise the overall goal of the team, activities you are implementing and how can you improve/boost results

Support System

⚡Lead spaces: even though lead spaces might seem hard to deliver virtually, they can happen, you can use activities such as journalling, watching videos, drawing, you can send the members materials to read in advance as well. As long as they have the opportunity to reflect on one of the 12 LDQs, your lead space is successful!

⚡Team Meetings: weekly, physically or virtually, they are the space to keep each other accountable and updated! Make sure to have a presentation and camera on if they are virtual to engage all the memebers!

One to ones: wether physically or virtually, one to ones happen once a month and it doesn't affect much the fact that they can be virtual. Make sure to activate your camera so you can see each other

Team days: Team days should happen once a quarter and it is highly recommended they are physical. So make sure you arrange the date with your team in advance so everyone can be present!  

⚡Feedback: during weekly meetings or one to ones. It doesn't affect wheter virtually or physically

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