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United What?

We are sure you have been hearing a lot about United Week lately...

United Week will be the 7 most amazing days when the whole Europe will come together in growth. Is the week when EuroXpro is happening (regional conference from 11th to 16th of March). Is the week when we will focus on doing approvals with other countries from Europe!

And you might be wondering why? Because to grow as a region is the most strategic thing to do, it means that more EPs will have the possibility to come and go because it is closer, more accessible and there's no need for VISAs. But most importantly because as a region, there are many causes we can contribute to. Many cultural differences and misunderstandings we can battle through

exchanges. And most importantly, because it will put us all 1 step closer to Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential.

How many approvals is your LC going to do during United Week?


Check out the tool where all the goals and Europe opportunities for Summer Peak are:

Join the Facebook group of AIESEC for Europe here!

Do you still have doubts about how to excell in your area and bring results? Check out all the academies and materials for each function we have in this HUB!

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