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Hello AIESEC for Poland!

In this live thread you will be able to find the dates and the links for the open webinars all LCs in Poland are organizing. If you'd like your webinar to appear here - drop me a message at +48 665 337 086 ­čśŐ

UPDATED on the 19th of May


LC Lublin: "Soft skills"

hour: 18:00, link here.


LC Katowice: "Najbardziej po┼╝─ůdane kompetencje na rynku pracy", in Polish with DPM company.

hour: 12:00


LC Lublin: "EXPA training"

hour: 18:00, link here.


LC Lublin: "How to do market research?"

hour: 18:00, link here.


Kato & Poznań: "AIESEC from international perspective"

hour: 18:00, link


LC Lublin: "Partnership development - what's that?"

hour: 18:00, link here.


LC Warszawa SGH: Webinarium: ÔÇ×Zmiana ÔÇô szansa czy zagro┼╝enieÔÇŁ

hour: 18:00, link for the event here.


LC Lublin: "Financial rules"

hour: 18:00, link here.


LC Warsaw SGH: "Transformacja cyfrowa: technologiczna odpowied┼║ na trudne czasy", eng. "Digital transformation" - open webinar hosted by BNP Paribas Securities Services Polska in cooperation with SGH.

hour: 19:00, link here.

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