COVID-19 external communication

On April 15, 2020, AIESEC for Poland Member Committee published following statement on our blog, followed up with facebook post. You can read this below and digest the information, as this is an official line we are following. Approach MC in case of questions! "Building on our previous announcement regarding the activities of AIESEC during the COVID-19 pandemic published on our social media, facebook, linkedin channels, we decided to change the dates and postpone the implementation of any exchange programs that were to take place before September 2020. All programs starting from September 2020 do not change. What have we already done to implement the above decision? -, where young people can look for volunteer projects and internships abroad, has been modified to not apply to projects starting before the beginning of September 2020, - on the and portals we have added a banner informing about our position and pointing to the WHO website, - we launched a subpage to help our current customers and answer all questions about the implementation of projects, - we offer our current customers special vouchers to exchange at a later time. If in doubt, please contact our Local Offices, ask questions about projects at, or write to us directly on Facebook."

What's more?

There's an official communicate on EXPA about current situation:

-Aleksander Glapa, MCVP B2C

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