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Hey, I'm Ania and I'm looking for my first experience out of university

What is our role in the experience of the EPs?

In this part of the year we are entering the most crucial part of the EPs experience which is Preparation, Experience and Post-Experience. 

Preparation is the part where we set expectation with the EPs, help them prepare logistically and set their mind in the right mood before the exchange starts. Despite of what you might think, how people will enjoy and learn from their experience depends on this part.

Experience this is when our EPs are living the experience and even though in the standards we don't have specific role to fulfill. It's crucial for us to be in touch with the EP and the Host Entity (iGV) and be the mediator of the experience. 

Post-Experience is an important stage because this is the moment we can debrief the whole experience with the EPs and make sure they understand the learnings they have and how to use them in their life. It's a part also to evaluate the experience by filling in the Complete Survey and NPS. 

Let's go practical. How can we facilitate the best experience for our EPs?

From oGV side we need to deliver 4 Standards 

How to do personal goal setting?
1. Understand what the EP wants to learn during the exchange
2. Go thorough the LDA scores. 
3. Explain the elements of the leadership qualities
4. Choose the element the EP wants to focus on. 
5. Create a bucket list of things your EP wants to live during the experience. 
How to do an OPS?
Organize an event for all of the EPs at once, make them feel special and create a community for them to share about their experience with each other. 
Agenda of OPS
1. G2K 
2. Explain what AIESEC is doing & SDGs
3. What the EP will be a part of + explain the leadership qualities -> Personal Goal setting & Experience Bucket list
4. Expectation setting of the EPs over their conditions JD, duties etc. 
5. Explanation of the experience standard 
6. Culture shock, how to prepare for it (the picture on the left)
7. Travel hacks (how to keep documents etc) 
8. Problem Solving Flow. 
9. Be the Polish Ambassador- how to represent our Country? 
10. How to showcase your story?
Keep the insurance of your EPs
Make sure to have a copy of the insurance of your EPs, in case of any situation you will be able to support them or the family with the important information. 
form oGV perspective
1. Create a group with all of your EPs on the exchange where they can share their experience and photos :)
2. Have a personal check point with every EP at least once a week. 
3. Do a checkpoint with iGV to see how the experience is going, and get feedback for the EP :)
Agenda of the Space
1. Check in
2. Reflection time
(ask about the highlights of the experience, the challenges, the best moments) 
3. Fill in all the surveys etc. 
4. Evaluate the experience
5. Gather a testimonial
6. Way forward 
(what were the main learnings and how will you use them in your daily life?) 
How to Debrief the Experience with an EP? 
In this part other than facilitating the experience of an EP we need to remember about 3 things. 
1. Complete Survey
2. NPS survey
3. Final LDA

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