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Soon Poland will be hosting experience of EPs from all around the world. To ensure that we understand how to provide impactful and complete leadership experience, we prepared second part of

National Education Cycle. Check this out!


Exchange Standards

Exchange Standards enable AIESEC in whole world to deliver the same experience our EPs were promised to get. It is obligatory minimum we co-deliver with OGV from Home Entity to make sure our EP will live complete leadership experience

Everything starts in. . . Customer Flow!
Customer Flow is -if you remember is a journey of customer through AIESEC experience. After our EP is "approved" (this status finishes CONSIDERATION phase, we must make sure that EP will come to Poland to live the best experience in his life!

here I come!)

It's a stage in which we must

ensure that our EP has a proper

expectations towards country

and experience itself. We support EP to carry successful visa process. Communication with Home Entity LC plays a big role -as IGV we must be sure that our EP received Outgoing Preparation Seminar, set his Personal Goal and insured himself in case anything unexpected happened in Poland.
Preparation phase lasts usually around one month and depends individually on EP (visa, additional medical certificate). We must take into consideration that our EP should be ready, have visa and flight tickets to start his experience on time we fixed with our Partner (school, NGO, foundation).

EXPERIENCE (OMG 6 weeks in Poland!)

Our EP is already in Poland. EXPERIENCE starts with the first day our EP begins to work in project, meets Polish people, lives first culture shocks and struggles with public transport, tries to adapt and switch into English in this totally new environment. The way we as AIESEC facilitate and support experience of our EP will result in their impressions, leadership development and impact EPs and us gonna create!


As organisation we strive to deliver the best quality experience. Two out of 4 non-mandatory standards can be not fulfilled in specific circumstances, but as we strive to excellent exchanges -it's our non-negotiable to provide all of them. 

How to complete?

After EP finishes his experience, his status is marked as finished. Our role is to track if we receivef feedback in form of Exchange Standards survey which EP can find in "My applications" in his profile in aiesec.org platform.

Expectation setting

This standard should be delivered in written form. It can be a booklet, post, eventually webinar. The goal is to prepare EP for how the experience will look in practice and should reflect the future experience in the best way possible. 
XPP obliges IGV to provide this information in 2 weeks after approval maximum. In same deadline EP should be inform who is the person responsible for contacting him.


XPP - Exchange Policies oblige us to keep deadlines if comes to visa processes.

EP is obliged to inform Host Entity and Home entity about visa status maximum 1 week after approval and submit application (if needed) for visa within 2 weeks since approval.

EP is obliged to inform Host & Home entity that he is unavailable to come for exchange in maximum 7 days before realization date. Host Entity can claim a "substitute EP". 

Host entity (IGV) is obliged to provide all correct documents needed for visa process maximum 2 weeks after approval (otherwise EP can break approval). We're not responsible for successful visa process, but for delivering documents needed.

Incoming preparation seminar

IPS must be delivered before EP starts internship. EP must be invited in written form for IPS, doesn't necessarily attend the IPS to fulfil the standard.

arrival pickup

This standard, however is not mandatory, still obliges us to make sure that EP reaches safely his accomodation. Apart from that -this is best part to finally see your volunteers coming to your projects! EP

First Day of Work

However the standard is defined as coordination of first physical day in organisation, EP in survey answers question if AIESEC representative assisted them on the first day. Going with EP on the first day benefits also in making sure Partner and volunteer will have a space to align responsibilities (#11, #10), everything goes smooth and actually -sometimes you can even be invited to take part in classes with EP and experience impact of our exchanges on your own:)

Job description

It's really important to present JD in opportunity in as precise way as possible.

XPP gives IGV possibility to change JD of the project under conditions it's communicated earlier and both sides agree upon. Misalignment of JD and real project can cause consequences like e.g. proposing 3 new projects with similar background.


Benefits are all additional things we provide to our EPs. Every benefit which is mentioned in opportunity becomes obligatory, even if it's not an obligatory standard. All the benefits are supposed to increase the experience of volunteers and can take many forms -workshops, welcome packs etc.

Polish opportunities obligatory provide

1 meal per day.


Experience finishes with the moment our volunteer is ending their project. Don't forget to collect testimonials from EPs and Partners to make sure they will support promotion for your LC among other organisations and maybe future volunteers. It can be pictures, video, story. You can keep it also as a memory of experience you lived together ;)
GCP: Fulfil Exchange survey with EP in closing meeting of project -it will ensure your experience will be #complete.

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