iGV Xplosion

If you're here it means you're most probably member of the craziest (and the best!) area in AIESEC for Poland -Incoming Global Volunteer ;) That's great, because people in IGV are brave, smart, stubborn and do whatever it takes to create opportunities for young people to live their exchange in Poland and impact our country. 

In this hub you will find some materials which can be helpful to polish your skills and ideas for IGV in your team and your LC. I wish you good luck on your AIESEC experience. Let's boom the peak!



Basic instructions how to use EXPA.

Newest Exchange and Partners Standards, Customer Flow, SOP etc.

National Resources

Drive with our national materials to #MASTER IGV for Poland. You will find outputs of touchpoints, trainings, templates for your materials.

Folder for LC marketing materials for Partner OGVs to promote -remember to update it with personalised graphics and booklets.


Visa hub is a tool for AIESECers in Poland which collects all the information regarding visa procedures. Check this out to get to know more about supporting your EP visa process and creating necessary documents.

visa hub   Obszar roboczy 3.png

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